Our goal is to make CritiqueBrainz project accessible to readers and writers all over the world. You can post reviews in any language you want, but it is also important to provide good way to find these reviews. That’s why we need your help!

Translation process is being done on Transifex platform. You can submit your translation suggestions there and collaborate with other translators. If you want to contribute translations, that’s where you should to do it.

Our project page is located at

There are a couple of things you should know if you are trying to modify strings. See the info below.

Extracting strings

To extract strings into a Portable Object Template file (messages.pot) use command:

$ python3 extract_strings

Adding support for a new language

To add support for new language add its Transifex code into SUPPORTED_LANGUAGES list in default configuration file: After that you can pull translations from Transifex:

$ python3 pull_translations

You will need to create .transifexrc file that will look like:

hostname =
username = <YOUR_EMAIL>
password = <YOUR_PASSWORD>
token =

More info about setup process is available at

Additional info

CritiqueBrainz uses Flask-Babel extension. Its documentation is available at